West Palm Beach, August 24, 2016
To Attorney Ronald S. Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth, I, Francisco Cruz, hereby wish to express my most sincere and infinite gratitude for the great work, support, and attention you gave to my problem in Court. Because of your work and professional experience, I gained a favorable outcome. So I repeat again that I am very grateful and satisfied with you for giving me your professional support. Thank you so much.

Francisco Cruz

Dear Mr. Chapman, I am writing you to say thank you so very much for all your hard work and late nights on my court case. You are a blessing in disguise. I want to thank you for putting on your boxing gloves and going into battle for me. I was facing an extreme amount of prison time, and you were able to resolve this issue with no jail time so I can get back to my kids and family. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and if you don’t mind I would truly love to recommend you to some friends and family that are in the court system and are not being treated Fair. I really believe that you could really help them like you helped me with your many skills and expertise in being a Universal lawyer. You will truly help them just like you helped me. I will be reaching out to you soon again and thank you so very much and look forward to my call.

G. Jenkins!!!!!!

Hello, my name is Ernesto and I dedicate these few lines to thank Attorney Ron Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth for being very kind and professional. He guided and advised us in my wife's case taking it to a satisfactory result for us.

Mil Gracias

I came to Mr. Chapman because I wanted to get off of the probation that I was on. As soon as I hired him, Mr. Chapman contacted my probation officer. One week later, Mr. Chapman got my case into court where my probation was terminated. I highly recommend that you hire Mr. Chapman.

Delmon S

I came to attorney Ron Chapman with a problem regarding my driver's license. Within a week he and his assistant Elizabeth helped me to solve my problem. I am very thankful for their prompt help with my case. I am very proud to have had him as my lawyer, and I would not hesitate to call him if I were to have a problem in the future and to recommend him to friends of mine who are in need of a lawyer. I highly recommend attorney Chapman.

Mario M

I would like to share my experience. I had a pending case with the law and one day I got involved into a car accident and when we reported the case to the police my problems began and I was arrested and in serious trouble and I started looking for a lawyer and through a friend I met the Lawyer Chapman. I called him and he very kindly answered my call and gave me an appointment with him and his assistant Elizabeth Amaro. He and Elizabeth very thoroughly reviewed my case and the way how he explained things to me, this convinced me that I was in the right place. Mr. Chapman resolved my case in a very satisfactory way for me and without any problems. If at any time I would need him again I would not hesitate to get his services. Thanks to Mr. Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth for their kindness and competent work.

Juan O

I was in need of an attorney and after talking with some friends one of them recommended Mr. Chapman to me. When I met with Mr. Chapman, he listened to my problem and agreed to take my case. When we got to court, he knew how to handle my case very professionally and with a good result. I want thank him and his assistant Elizabeth for all their work for me. If I were to have another legal problem in the future, I will be sure to call Mr. Chapman.

Fidel A

In the month of December 2015 I had to go to Court. That's when I contacted Attorney Ron Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth Amaro. I was feeling very desperate and disoriented. I can assure you it was a joy to have found them and known them. From the moment that I talked to Attorney Chapman and Ms. Elizabeth for the first time I commenced to restore security and hope that everything could be solved and it was. They went to Court with me, and my case was dismissed. For that reason I would like to thank them once again for their kind attention and professionalism and all the good work with my case and thus recommend Attorney Chapman because of his knowledge in the field of criminal law and for good client service.

Mercedes C

Mr. Chapman has represented my son on two different occasions. In both instances, Mr. Chapman was very conscientious and hard-working. As a result of his hard work, Mr. Chapman achieved a good outcome for my son in both of his cases. If you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. Chapman.


My family called Ron Chapman after I was arrested on a charge for which I could have spent the rest of my life in prison. Mr. Chapman first helped me to bond out of jail. He was then able to get my original charge reduced to a lesser charge. Mr. Chapman kept working and was finally able to get my charge dismissed completely. Mr. Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth helped me and my family get through a very difficult time. Thank you very much for all your help.

Eliseo S.

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